ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shades So Bright

Have you ever heard the saying, “my future’s so bright that I’ve got to wear shades?” Well, these shades are so bright, you’ve got to wear them! Check out how this Fashionista is totally rocking these neon orange sunglasses and try out the style for yourself.

Neon has a bad rap for being a difficult trend to pull off. While this may be true for super loud ‘80s style outfits, it’s a lot more manageable in small doses. A single neon accessory is perfect to add some excitement to your outfit without overpowering your look. Sunglasses in particular are a great accessory to wear in neon. They draw attention to your face, unlike most other accessories or items of clothing. This makes for the perfect opportunity to rock your favorite shade of lipstick or call attention to a fun nose piercing. Such small details might otherwise go unnoticed, but with an attention-grabbing set of neon shades, that’s not the case.

This Fashionista demonstrates a great way to wear this trend by wearing them with a casual out and about outfit. An outfit like this easily transitions throughout the day, from working a morning shift to dinner with friends on an outdoor patio. In the sunny days of summer, a pair of sunglasses that can consistently be matched with your outfit is important.

How To: Headed out into a sunny, activity-filled day? Slide on a pair of neon-rimmed shades or slip them into your bag as you head out the door. Let your sunnies shine by pairing them with a neutral outfit, or add them to an equally colorful look.