ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shades Of Summer

September 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Beachy blues and upbeat pinks or corals are great shades to wear in summer, and now, as the summer comes to an end, we can throw on clothes with these upbeat hues to help ward off the upcoming cold weather blues. It’s best to find these types of clothes in loose cuts or retro prints. This Fashionista’s pants were a double throwback; not only was the pattern very bohemian, they were also bell bottoms.

This Fashionista added a lot to the outfit, but managed to keep it from looking cluttered. The bracelets, sandals and wallet all fit into the color scheme flawlessly. This outfit is a great example of how to pull off a crazy print like the one on these pants. I love prints, and I had never seen one like this before. Psychedelic prints like this have become a huge fad and, honestly, I love it.

Another detail added by this Fashionista is her hair and nails. The subtle balayage is amazing, and the lilac color on her toenails is equally fabulous. To top it off, she added some dangling blue earrings, which were the perfect shade to go with her outfit.

A lot of work can go into the details of an outfit. Flawlessness may come natural to some, but often it pays off to think out your look. Details like your nail color and how it will go with certain colors you wear can be very important. When buying accessories, I tend to go for things in colors that reflect my current wardrobe. I also tend to change these colors along with the seasons. As the colors of the leaves change, so do the colors of my wardrobe. Over the summer, I still wore my classic black pieces, but I threw in whites and bright colors. Now that fall is here, I embrace more muted tones.

How To: First find a fabulous print. Then grab your go-to accessory, like a wristlet or clutch you love. Finally, find another piece that balances the craziness of the printed one.