ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sentiments In The Seams

Strike up a conversation with anyone on the quad and you’re sure to meet someone from a different state or even country. While engaging with people from a wholly different backgrounds and cultures is fun and exciting, it also tends to affirm a personal pride for and identification with your own homeland, wherever that may be. However, for some of us these sentiments can incite mild feelings of nostalgia. Especially at this point in the quarter, spring fever can evolve into homesickness. A Fashionista has several options to stave off the affliction: a care package full of threads to recharge one’s wardrobe can boost morale, but perhaps an even better way is to find a signature piece that evokes that personal sentiment of home.

I write so much about home sentimentality because of this Fashionista who proudly displays her native pride in her “Texas girl” tank top. However, I was originally drawn to her refreshing white leather jacket. We may dismiss leather in warmer months, but Chicago has proved that it is never too late for a chill. White outerwear, as seen in shows such as Marc by Marc Jacobs and J. Mendel, is a trend I fully endorse as it protects against a chilly breeze but still retains an air of buoyancy suitable to the spring sensibility.

A leather jacket in a bright, light color is a particularly great piece to have because it breathes airiness and femininity into a typically heavy, edgy garment. Another wonderful quality of light leather is that rather than concealing the construction of the jacket, it displays the workmanship and fine details. One of the most satisfying aspects of leather pieces is how the material’s structure lends itself to such exquisite elements and tactile textures. The surveying eye is as thrilled to see seams and quilted panels as the hand would be to touch them.

Coincidentally, this savory jacket turned out to be a personal emblem of the Fashionista’s cross-country home. Allusions to the Lone Star State lie in a trademark fondness for cowhide and the whimsical gingham lining (a pattern that is also trending for spring). With a playful tank, classic blue jeans and leather sandals, this Fashionista translates the cow-girl country vibe to the campus’ urban setting, bringing a little sentiment of home all the way in Chicago. To find pieces in your wardrobe that will lift you out of a homesick slump, look for things like a T-shirt from a concert you saw with friends or a dress from a local boutique you love. If you’re leaning towards the white leather jacket look (I don’t blame you), that is also easily done.

How To: There are plenty of options when it comes to styling white leather jackets. Layer it over black for a modern, high-contrast look or over a floaty frock for a more effervescent feel. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on all white outfits, or try out a jacket in a pastel or other light color.