ALL IN THE DETAILS: Seasonal Appropriation

February 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Feelings of dissatisfaction and anxiety heighten during this time of the year for me. Dark winter days rollover into even darker evenings leaving me infatuated with the ever-so pasty hue of skin tone; my overall lack of creativity and flattened thoughts seem to run in continuous circles of self-doubt and questioning. While I don’t mind the cold and marveling at the beauty of a fresh snowfall, I can’t seem to shake away the restlessness that overcomes me. Sometimes these feelings of restlessness lead to agitation and strip me of my motivation, drive and even puts me in a funk, while other times it forces me to push myself to break through these annoying feelings and dip down alternate avenues.

Some roads are simply webpages, films, magazines, e-books, music, attempts at drawing and even occasionally cooking. Exploring alternate themes tend to keep me on my toes and more open to new ideas, which has in fact brought me to a project where creativity and collaborative input has been compiled into the beginning stages of a clothing line entitled LakeWater.

Featured in this article is one of the collaborators himself and can be seen repping one of the pieces: a simple embroidered top. Dark earth tones of olive, maroon, navy blue and black aid in matching the likely feel of the cold months ahead. This slick rick definitely knows how to stunt some cool style through his great attention to detail. His adidas Y-3s are a great example of this via their intricate knit pattern while still bringing an elegant, yet chic feel to his sportswear inspired sneakers. Fabrics and textures of mesh, canvas, cotton and corduroy seem to be paired together easily yet add such a flare of originality and what I like to refer to as “a case of seasonally appropriate clothing” as well, a little something I’m not so good at.

How To: While the winter months may serve you a heaping platter of doom and gloom, relax, warmer months will be here shortly. For the time being, find different ways in which you can create and explore. Play with different colors and textures and look for new brands to represent. Throw on a pair of denim jeans, a cream cable knit sweater, a jean jacket and some cool sneakers and you’ll be looking fresher than fresh, cleaner than clean, well…you get the picture. In the meantime, stay warm and stay gold, Ponyboy.