ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarves Never Go Out of Style

If you and your favorite scarf had a song it would definitely be “Style” by Taylor Swift. Both of you as a pair just never go out of style. (I apologize for my ability to relate anything to T. Swift lyrics.) This Fashionista is a true example of this. I spotted her on my way to the library while she happened to be wearing a perfect example of a go-to outfit for studying. While she keeps it simple and sticks to the basic, she adds some statement with her colorful infinity scarf.

When you have to spend a little bit of time working on your studies, it can be a little tempting to go for a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie; however this particular Fashionista does the opposite of this. Instead of looking sloppy for the library, she decides to wear a classic pair of blue jeans, a basic black tee and a cardigan. She displays a flawless example that you don’t have to dress down to be comfortable, but you also don’t have to go all out for library days. Don’t get me wrong, I love displaying my trendy fashion finds, but sometimes less is more. Don’t forget about your basic pieces and simply add an accessory to make a statement.

How To: Going out for a dinner date after your time at the library? Don’t fret! There is no reason why you have to waste time to change. Just add a cute pair of booties and a pop of color with a lipstick! You’ll be sure to pass your exams and still have time to grab a bite and socialize with your friends.