ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarves Bring Life

I can’t say winter in Rio is extremely cold, because it isn’t. However, when you are used to high temperatures, whenever it gets even a little colder, you feel like you are living in a romantic movie based in the countryside of England. Everyone you see around you is wearing a scarf, a boot or even a super stylish maxi cardigan.

I personally love cold weather attire. It makes me feel more confident and sophisticated. Usually you can mix lots of different clothes and patterns and have a beautiful result. The cold weather accessory I most have an adoration is the scarf. I think it always brings life to the look. It can be heavy for strong winters or something just to add hints of style.

Check out how the Fashionista on the spot today played with her scarf. Her outfit is pretty casual for a typical rainy day in Rio. It does not matter what your plans are, being casual is always a great choice. If you want to renovate your look, invest on the details. Scarves are always welcome! Protect yourself from the low temperatures and, at the same time, style on. You can finish off your look with flats, high heels, boots or whatever shoe you want. Just make yourself comfortable about what you wear. I always say it is the best advice I can give.

How To: If you do not know which pattern you should use, go for neutral colors. Combine the color of the scarf with any other color in the outfit. You will do a great job for sure.