ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarves, Boots and All Things Fall!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarves, Boots and All Things Fall!

As the weather gets colder, the wind gets chillier and the sun sets earlier, we prepare for the long-awaited winter season. That being said, our accessories should indeed follow suit. Alas, I introduce to you the power of the almighty scarf.

What better way to create a casual outfit and make it look professional and put-together than a warm, chunky scarf? Not only are these scarves cozy and comfortable, but they also have the power to transform any look, despite the fact that it took you less than five minutes to get dressed that morning. Personally, I use my scarves to add a pop of color to my outfit, especially if I’m wearing all black (black leggings and sweaters are my saviors). Besides, when you’re visibly exhausted from a night out or cramming for an exam, your handy-dandy accessory will draw peoples’ attention away from your dark circles and onto your adorable accessory, because nothing’s worse than droopy eyes and dark circles.

Wrap your easy, effortless outfit together by pairing it with a tall pair of leather riding, combat or lace-up boots, just as this Fashionista did. Even if the boots are destroyed from the season before (like mine), don’t be afraid to break them out again! Textured and distressed leather boots (and clothing, in general) are a hot trend right now!

How To: Add a scarf to literally ANY look to add a comfy, casual twist. Feel free to add a bold one or one with a funky pattern to brighten up a dark or dull outfit. What’s better than looking hot AND being warm?