January 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

Sadly winter break is over and it’s time to hit the books again, but don’t let the weather and schoolwork dampen your mood or your style. Do as this week’s Fashionisto did and add a scarf with color and pattern to brighten your ensemble.

I caught this Fashionisto strolling around and instantly caught my eye. The Fashionisto’s look consists of overall neutral colors with a detailed red plaid scarf, which adds interest to the overall look. To create this look he chose a simple white T-shirt and added a beige chunky knit cardigan on top. A classic pair of jeans and brown ombré toned shoes. To finish the look, he added a bright red plaid scarf. It’s a very clean and classic look that is very doable to replicate.

All the articles of clothing in this look are pieces that many guys have in their closets already. The trick is adding cold weather items with some pattern or texture like this Fashionisto did with the chucky knit and scarf to make the outfit more interesting. There are many stores carrying an array of sweaters, winter hats, scarves and gloves in different colors and patterns. The cold weather is no reason to slack on style as this Fashionisto shows us. Use a little bit of that Christmas money and invest in some key pieces this year.

How To: Get a pattern, like plaid, into your look with an accessory or choose something else with texture, like a wool tie, to add some contrast to other fabrics you might be wearing.