Being back in Boston after spending many warm days in Brazil has been, let’s say, complicated. The weather here has been absolutely crazy! However, I love the cold weather, especially when it snows. Everything looks so much prettier when it is all white.

On the other hand, getting ready to brave this cold weather is no easy task for Boston students. When browsing your closet, you most likely go for simple pieces, given that they will be hidden under your coat throughout most of the day. But, of course, there is always a way to add a unique touch to your winter outfit. You can invest on a colorful beanie, a different bag or a patterned scarf. This Fashionista decided to go for the third option and nailed it!

Even though she had black as the main color of her outfit, she still managed to choose a scarf that popped out in the midst of the dark colors. She went for very basic pieces to create her outfit, such as a black sweater, which is a must-have during winter season. This Fashionista wanted to wear ripped jeans, which always go well with everything. Since it was cold, she put some black tights underneath them to keep herself warm. Well, with so much snow out there, I guess she didn’t really have a choice but wear boots. Also a great fit for winter outfits. Finally, to add a hint of color to the outfit, she wore a beautiful printed scarf.

How To: Wondering how to grab attention even while you are covered in your beautiful winter coat? Have no doubt: it’s scarf season! There are so many beautiful and colored scarfs out there and they literally go well in every occasion and fit perfectly with every outfit. Wrap yourself in your coat, throw on a scarf and rock scarf season!