ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarf Down This Look

March 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Love is in the air, but some areas are more congested than others. An example is the air surrounding this Fashionisto, who’s confidence jumps off the page. Anyone with a walk this serious has something to say, and his voice is heard as soon as he enters a room. Though his look may seem simple to achieve, it is actually quite the balancing act. His attire is simple, but his accessorizing is off the charts!

This Fashionisto chose a striped, poncho-like shirt with fringe at the bottom and paired it with distressed jeans, which was a bold choice. This could have easily become a faux-pas, but with the excellent execution of accessories, he was quickly brought to the highest fashion status. What brings his causal, collegiate look to a higher standard, however, is his elegant use of a headscarf.

His headscarf is patterned but does not take away from the bold coloring of the shirt, which is essential. It is neutral colored to keep a cohesive element to the ensemble and not distract from the other accessories at play. He also uses one arm as a collection plate for bracelets and a watch, which in my opinion is brilliant. His footwear choice is also impeccable. Suede shoes were the perfect choice to give this outfit just a little something extra. In total, his accessories are delicate and tasteful, but do not distract or take away from the key elements of his outfit.

How To: Get adventurous this spring and use a tame headscarf to bring a new element to your wardrobe. Pair it with some simple accessories and a bold outfit and you’ll be your campus showstopper!