Wallet, Chapstick, keys, phone and hand sanitizer all dominate my purse. And like most girls, you must have something for all of the things that you carry around with you, when you’re on the go. The answer comes in the form of a big satchel tote! This simple accessory can dress up any look while also being extremely practical at the same time. It’s perfect for a day out, but if you chose a classy style, can also transition to make an appearance in the corporate world.

This Fashionista looks effortless as she’s running off to a meal with friends. Her bag is chic and modern, yet simple. The black color of the bag makes it easily transitional from season to season. Particularly for this winter season, this Fashionista has given her satchel a casual feel with a fuzzy vest, ripped jeans and cute heeled black booties. There are many different options and styles when it comes to satchel totes, if you’re looking for a satchel that is smaller in size look no further, or maybe a larger tote is more your cup of tea. A patterned satchel tote is also never a bad choice to add something to any outfit.

How To: Want to dip your toe in to getting a satchel tote to sport around town? No problem; try for a neutral colored tote so that it goes with all of your on the go outfits and you can get the most use out of your brand new bag as possible! Maybe when it gets to warmer weather you can experiment with a brighter colored tote!