ALL IN THE DETAILS: Salvation Army Chic

A picture is worth 1,000 words as is an article of clothing. One girl’s trash can serve to be another girl’s treasure. Just because something is old does not mean that it’s unstylish. Thrifting is a term that this Fashionista could have created herself; who says Salvation Army can’t be chic? To save some cash this holiday season, take notes from this Fashionista’s amazing thrift shopping abilities. Sorting through numerous racks of vintage clothing and managing to find antiquated treasures to be reinvented truly is an art.

Her favorite thrift store is L Train Vintage, a small chain in Brooklyn where she found the purse featured in this photo. She wasn’t at all familiar with Dooney and Bourke beforehand but after seeing the leather quality of the bag was in excellent condition even after being tossed out, she now has a newfound love for this brand. Thrifting is a great way to discover new products to add into your wardrobe while spending less than a fraction of the price for it.

To find specific staple pieces Salvation Army is her go-to. The shirt she’s sporting as a dress was a steal she discovered that was originally from Urban Outfitters and the trench coat was originally from the Gap. She also utilizes department stores like Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and Nordstrom because you can get designer clothing at affordable prices.

The blanket scarf that she affectionately refers to as a “blarf” is her favorite. It can be paired with almost any style of outfit, be it bohemian or boho-chic which is what she deems as her everyday style. She joked that it is also a great blanket for napping during long lectures on campus—I think every college student could use one of these!

The jeans she’s rocking were bought at H&M on sale for $10, which didn’t initially have any rips. Distressed jeans (with less material, might I add) are priced higher so with that thought in mind she bought them, cut two knee holes and ran scissors across them to create the look she had envisioned. This is an economical and creative way to get the look you’re searching for!

At the end of the day this Fashionista justifies splurging on shoes because of how much she saves on clothes. To make her personal style pop she adds in fun colors, hence the limited-edition mustard Nike Thea sneakers. Her anklet and rings were salvaged at a miscellaneous thrift shop in NYC, her bracelets were bought on sale online from Alex & Ani, her necklace from Charlotte Russe and her watch from Fossil. This is a perfect demonstration of how mixing the old with the new creates an entirely novel signature look. When looking at the details it’s incredible to think about how much each individual piece adds to the entire ensemble. So go pop some tags, even if you’ve only got twenty dollars in your pocket.