ALL IN THE DETAILS: Salt 'n' Pepper

Contrasting styles can be a great way to lead people’s focus to something specific about your outfit. When you concentrate on highlighting a section of your outfit it is very important that you think about the details that leads your audience to that focus point. In this Fashionisto’s outfit the dreadlocks and classic wide-brimmed hat make a clash of rebellious and classical styles that gives the look a unique strength. Moreover, the use of a hat highlights the face and hair immediately. 

At Babson, seeing creative outfits like this one is a regular occurrence. Nevertheless, some outfits stand out from the others as they push the boundaries with daring styles. Our Fashionisto seems to have the secret touch to make his outfit rise above the standard on campus.

The secret is… all in the details (ha)!

He contrasts styles in his look which make the outfit striking and fashionable. It is the conscious coupling of contrasting pieces that gives it the edge. His choice of hairstyle is a very strong beauty trend and the fedora enhances it. The details command attention, which is exactly what the Fashionisto wants. We have seen how Converse have been paired with red carpet gowns, how yoga pants are dressed up with a designer bag or how a one piece bathing suit is used as a bodysuit under pants. The edginess is a result of a call for attention to an unexpected pairing of two items.

His look consists of Chelsea boots, ripped jeans, a cape by Zara and a wide brim hat. The tote is a sample he got from a friend of his at Krammer and Stoudt which comes out fall 2016.

How To: Have a unique hairstyle paired with a striking head accessory to bring all the attention to that part of your outfit. Contrasting styles can be easy, just by picking a beauty trend that is unique, like a choker, red eyeliner, platforms, dreadlocks or pink hair and pairing it with something classical like a polo shirt, cords, moccasins, or a suit you can achieve this looks essence.