Gray, if not done correctly, can be a dull color to wear. Although, there may be fifty shades of it, the color can be pretty one-dimensional. The combination of a black and light gray knit material can, from afar, appear gray. When looked at in greater detail, the article of clothing stands out with its complex knit stitching. Salt and pepper colored sweaters have been a popular trend during the fall and continue to be seen into the winter. I have an obsession with sweaters because they can be worn faithfully during three out of the four seasons. I can wear a thin material salt and pepper sweater in the spring with white shorts or capris. During the winter, a thicker sweater with the addition of an oversized turtleneck will be sure to help keep me warm.

Pictured above, this Fashionista pairs her salt and pepper oversized sweater with faux leather leggings and a medium wash jean jacket. This outfit is not only warm, but also comfortable for those mild winter days when a heavy jacket isn’t necessary in the north, or when winter finally decides to come to warmer climates like Florida. More examples of the salt and pepper trend can be seen in this sweater. For a more pricey option, Topshop has amazing sweaters that will last past your college years.

Fashionistos, I didn’t forget about you. American Apparel sells these sweatpants that are perfect for those dreaded 8:00 a.m. classes and are as comfortable as pajamas (excluding the shame of wearing them to class).

How To: A fashionable way to dress a salt and pepper colored oversized sweater is with tights, knee-high boots and a leather jacket.