Maybe you have heard people say, “gym shoes are only meant for the gym.” Wrong. Currently in street style blogs, there is a very popular trend of wearing an everyday outfit with a great pair of gym shoes.

This Fashionista was spotted walking around the streets of Savannah rocking this trend. Substituting your flats for this new option is a great way to create a sportier look that is fashion-forward and also very practical. It is especially practical for an area like Savannah where most people either bike or walk. This is a chic (and obvious) choice for college students because most of us already own this classic footwear.

This Fashionista could go just about anywhere in this outfit. Although she was headed to work on homework, this outfit is perfect for class, running errands or just hanging out with friends. Most of the fashion blogs that I have seen incorporating this trend will choose a fun, colorful pair of New Balance gym shoes or Nike gym shoes. It is definitely a fun way to add color to your look. However, you have to appreciate the versatility of solid black or black and white shoes.

How To:  Start by finding your perfect pair of gym shoes. For this particular style, it is more about the look of the gym shoe. However, you get more out of your purchase if you choose a shoe that you could actually use at the gym too. Make sure you’re comfortable in them. Pair the shoes with a solid outfit like this Fashionista did. She chose a pair of black pants, a black top and an olive and black coat. Bring a bit of texture into your outfit by selecting a jacket that incorporates different fabrics. A larger bag ensures that you can be out of the house all day and still have everything you may need.