ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rise of the Statement Handbag

So far the summer of 2016 has been the season for amazing handbags. Everywhere you look from the runways to your favorite retail store, there are perfect bags to make a statement with! They come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and colors making it nearly impossible to stop adding to the collection of bags you already own!

This Fashonista’s handbag really makes a statement with bold colors, patterns and embellishments. It is just big enough to hold the summer necessities such as your phone, lip loss and sunglasses! Another feature of the bag is the chain strap that can be attached for a hands free option which makes it the perfect companion this summer!

To ensure she didn’t take too much attention away from the bag, she paired a simple white, summer dress with long bell sleeves and a lace-up front to complete the outfit. Both the bell sleeve and the lace-up front are major trends this summer. Anything from shirts, swimsuits, bodysuits and rompers are all being designed with the lace-up detailing in the front for extra emphasis. Her dress also features a lovely subtle all over lace, creating a feminine aspect to the outfit.

As for shoes this Fashionista is wearing cute, strappy sandals with a gold strap to add another dimension to her outfit. Similar shoes can be found nearly anywhere, and they are the perfect summer staple to have in your closet. They can be worn with any outfit and for any occasion.

When it comes to jewelry, this Fashionista played up the gold on the shoes by wearing gold everything from her necklace, earrings and down to her toe rings. Although she is wearing several pieces of jewelry, every accessory is very simple which make her bold handbag the center of attention.

How To: Don’t be afraid to show off a bold bag. When paired with a simple outfit, the bag will shine right along with you!