November 21st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello loves! This past week I spotted this super #RAD Fashionista and fellow Style Guru on her way to happy hour and decided to snap a few pics. Her outfit embodied seasonal fashion while still being casual and lightweight enough to survive the dreaded Florida fall heat. The rich, warm colors of her wedges and top contrasted beautifully to the distressed light wash denim she wore. The rips of the jeans, the cutout of her top and the super cute wedges she selected are all details which could turn any outfit from just-got-out-of-class drab to girls night out fab.

The textures of the clothing this Style Guru chose to wear on this particular evening are another perfect example of how details spice up a look. I had major heart eyes looking at how this beauty paired the rough and distressed texture of the denim alongside the soft and billowing material of the top. The combination of the two surely caught my attention thanks to their contrasting materials and colors. The top itself was certainly eye catching in its own sense with its business in the front, party in the back design.

I personally love to pair super simple, comfortable outfits with unique and eye-catching details to spice up my look. Details can also be your outfit’s MVP when transitioning a look from day to night. Switching things up like makeup, hair and shoes can completely transform your look. These help create a super budget-friendly way to repurpose outfits for different occasions.



  • Rachel Secunda

    Makeup and Fashion junkie with a love for all things brightly colored and patterned. Im a 19 year old sophomore at The Florida State University, majoring in Retail Merchandising and Product Development. This is my first semester as a style guru and I am beyond excited to share my voice on one of my biggest passions. Follow me on the path of crossing aesthetics and trying to figure out what style is really all about.