So we have reached that point of the semester where midterms are upon us, and Spring Break is just around the corner. College students across the globe are juggling multiple exams but are also daydreaming about that sunny Caribbean cruise. Understandably, this crazy period before spring break can leave some Fashionistas at a loss when it comes to their outfit.

So just how do we leave our frustrations at the door and remain stylish? The first step is to breathe. One exam will not tank your grade. In fact, try to get the word “exam” out of your vocabulary. Instead, just focus on “reading information.” The words you tell yourself have a lot of impact on how you look and feel. Why increase your anxiety when you can reduce it? The second step is forming a compromise between super casual and super dressy. It’s the middle ground between 10 and 30 minutes used to get ready in the morning. For example, this Fashionista abandoned the traditional dark wash skinny jeans for a pair of ripped jeans.

This small but important change made me spot this Fashionista from several feet away. I just loved the juxtaposition of the light patches and dark denim. In fact, stores even carry the inverse where dark patches stand out against light denim. I’m going to have to get myself down to the mall!

How To: Go to the store, and shop until you drop! From just a few patches, to small slits that cover the length of the denim, there are various forms of ripped jeans. Get a bunch of different looks, and mix and match with some Converse All-Stars or knee-high boots.