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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rings and Other Bling

February 26th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rings and Other Bling

In New York, one must always be fashionable. It is something that is in the blood of every New Yorker, especially Brooklynites. With the weather dropping ever quickly, it is easy to simply layer up and forget about the small details that make an outfit unique. Details in an outfit can have a different meaning from person to person though. To one person it may be mix-and-matching patterns, to another extra attention paid to hair and makeup and to another accessories and jewelry are an absolute must to make their outfit truly theirs. Jewelry fads come and go, but who says any of these “rules” must be followed? Why not mix silver and gold jewelry or wear big necklaces or wear a hat with a dress? Adding your own flavor to an outfit and going against the accepted norms are what will make your outfit truly unique.

The pictured Fashionista has a lot of incredible and dynamic pieces to her outfit that make it unique. Her first layer is a bold red dress. Everyone knows that New York is the city of black. Walk down any street and a majority of the people you pass will be wearing black. That is why this Fashionista purposely chooses bold colors, like red, in her daily outfits. Over that she rocks her classic black Michael Kors leather jacket that can be worn with most outfits. For her top layer, she wraps herself in what one may call an over sized scarf, or what others may call a poncho. This burgundy, gray and taupe color scheme is great for winter fashion. Any city outfit wouldn’t be complete without chic boots. These black Italian leather boots pair nicely with her black tights, and finish off the essential elements of her outfit.

Now for the part that everybody is reading this post for: the details! Some people say simplicity is key and some say bigger is better. With this outfit, the Fashionista chose a big, silver necklace. She wears a dope floral hat that looks like something one would purchase at Urban Outfitters, but she actually acquired it at a thrift store in Memphis. Her rings are her statement pieces for sure. For her selection, she mixes-and-matches a variety of sizes and colors. Three of them display the beauty of Indian made jewelry that this Fashionista got on her life-changing trip to India last year. One she got in Peru, another at a fair, and the last at Wakarusa Music Festival. Collecting rings on different journeys and adventures is a passion of this Fashionistas, as well as of mine. The variety of handcrafted jewelry made worldwide shows the splendor and diversity that can be implemented into any outfit.

How To: Her dress is simple and similar styles can be acquired at a variety of stores. Urban Outfitters has multiple ponchos in a variety of colors and patterns. They also have tons of bold necklaces and rings there too. PacSun has similar hats.