Whoever said the ’70s are over is totally wrong. This decade is alive and well once again. You can love it or hate it although, I particularly love it. The classic minimal ’70s vibe that is sweeping the closets of Fashionistas and Fashionistos everywhere. The detail in this Fashionista’s outfit that is channeling her inner ’70s is the bold pair of sunglasses she chose to wear.

The bold black frames along with the slight cat eye gives this Fashionista an edge to her whole outfit. I am a believer that accessories really change up your look. Even if you are pulling from the same articles of clothing. The black accessories and top really balance out the look of her bright pants. A good bag also goes a long way. When choosing the right bag for yourself be aware of how much space you will need and the colors you typically wear. This Fashionista said she tends to wear a lot of black, so getting a black bag works well within her wardrobe.

How To: Are you unsure on a frame for your face? Too nervous they may come across too bold? Now is the perfect time in the season to test out different sunglasses. Start with a frame the is similar in color to your hair. If you have extremely dark hair I suggest a fun, black frame. If you have blonde hair go for a more neutral or brown colored frame. Although, make sure to pick out a fun shape! This way you are making a statement without feeling like you are going overboard. Once you are feeling comfortable splurge on a pair with colored lenses or frames!