As the chilly weather is approaching, there are only so many opportunities to wear skirts and dresses left. This Fashionista is certainly using the opportunity well by breaking out her floral skater skirt!

The floral pattern on the skirt gives a little warmth to a fall outfit. My favorite trend, as we head into fall, are visible boot socks, which is what this Fashionista is showing off!  Her boot socks are functional yet pretty with the scrunched texture at the top. There is contrast between the formal tone of the collared shirt and the casual skater skirt making the outfit very interesting.

The accessories are what pulled this look together and made this Fashionista impossible to pass up!  Her big, rounded turtle patterned glasses are straight out of the ‘70s giving the outfit a retro feel. Along with the glasses, she wore dark brown boots that also are a great fall accessory perfect for walking around campus all day. She adds a chain necklace that adds some edge to the outfit.  The floral skirt, white collared shirt, big rounded glasses and boots mixed together gives her a complete Fall transitional outfit that still has some warm weather flair.

Accessories are the best way to show detail in an outfit. When in doubt, add a necklace or bracelet!

How To:  Copying this outfit is so easy because of the simplicity of the pieces.  For the skirt, it can be found here at Forever 21. The top is a splurge item that can be found here at J.Crew. The accessories like the chain necklace, big round glasses and boot socks can be found online.