ALL IN THE DETAILS: Refined Manner

October 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

We have heard the phrase time and time again, “Keep it simple, sweetie.” That is exactly the aim of a minimalistic style. With statement necklaces and bauble earrings topping the trend charts these past few seasons, it is time for over the top accessorizing to come down a few levels. Small, intricate details make a huge impact when put together in the right way. Nothing beats pulling off a look that has it all together, without having too much on display.

Not every well accessorized outfit requires a necklace; let your top do all the talking when it comes to dressing up your top half. High necklines bring great dimension to the silhouette and draw attention to the face and neckline on their own. Mock-necks and halter tops are hot right now and can help pull off this stylish trick. Halter tank tops can especially help add drama to your outfit, elongating the neckline, bringing attention and subtly contouring your collarbone—no extra bling required.

Next comes choosing the right earrings. While selecting earrings, keep in mind what you’re working with. If your outfit screams minimalistic don’t try to fight it with an over the top earring. Dainty, triangular stud earrings are just as bold of a fashion statement as a large, beaded number. Still not super keen on how big of an impact a small stud will really bring to your look? Turn up the volume by pulling your hair back into a sleek, straight ponytail to turn the spotlight over to your studded duds.

An arm full of bangles looks great, no doubt, but a large and in charge gold watch looks just as great. Function and fashion go hand in hand with the latest watch trends. Watches are a basic necessity that everyone should own, and as basic of an accessory as they are, when paired with the right, simple outfit, they can make a huge impact in a small way. Throw on your favorite gold watch that serves up style 24/7.

Now, you are on your way out the door to have heads turning with your effortlessly accessorized get-up. But WAIT! You need shoes! The best pair of shoes for an outfit that is being keeping flair to a minimum is a pair of black, chunky platform sandals. With little glitz and glam but a whole lot of wham, chunky heels demand attention without even trying. Picking a black pair makes things even simpler, sacrificing zero flair.

How To: Think small. Go for accessories that dab on the dainty side. Choose a pair of heels that are boxy and solid; wide straps add dimension without looking too showy. A minimalistic-inspired outfit combined with a dash of small details is the perfect recipe for cooking up an outfit with sizzle.