This week was one of those weeks where nothing exceptionally exciting was happening, but nonetheless, it was eventful. I like to think the happiness I was exuding was indeed a result of the abundance of white flakes falling from the sky. While the rest of the world is shying away from the disdain of the cold, this Fashionista is embracing it for what it really is—an opportunity to switch up my wardrobe.

The good vibes continued as I took a seat in my first class of the day. In the midst of black and the land of neutral colors, this Fashionista was a sea of red; I was immediately struck with inspiration! On first glance her green shirt provided a perfect contrast to the different shades and tones of red present in her cardigan. Because I’m always on the look out for another opportunity to purchase more lipstick, her lip color did not go unnoticed. As per usual of an excellent shade, the lipstick dared to be questioned by adding that extra bit of sophistication.

The end of class left me wondering how this Fashionista planned to complete her ensemble before embracing the snow once more; I was not disappointed. Much to my own surprise, she pulled out a very distinct patterned scarf and black coat. This outfit was so thoroughly planned (subconsciously or not) that I was practically seeing a whole new outfit. While the scarf may have clashed with the printed coat if worn together, this Fashionista added and removed pieces precisely keeping all the right articles together. Without the coat, we were able to appreciate her simplistic use of complementary colors. However, once the coat was added, I was no longer drawn to the cardigan, but the scarf and headband combination instead. Her headband not only acted as a cute accessory, but also as a method of keeping her hair intact during these harsh winds while still keeping her ears warm. If that isn’t functionality, I can’t tell you what is. To top it off, who doesn’t like a good pair of sunglasses?

How To: Grab yourself a printed scarf and neutral colored coat before they go completely out of season. Add a stylish headband and killer sunglasses, and you’re set. But most importantly, don’t forget your lipstick.