ALL IN THE DETAILS: Red Velvet Cupcake

We walk on them all day, every day. They bring us to and from classes, and they bear with us on our five hour trips to the mall, walking in and out of dozens of stores. What am I talking about? Our feet, of course! So don’t our feet deserve some special treatment, too? I think so. The best way to “treat” our feet is with a pair of comfortable and super stylish shoes.

Shoes are such an easy way to add some personality to an outfit, and if you’re feeling the desire to be bold without having to wear a bright red faux fur jacket, investing in a pair of statement shoes is the perfect thing to do—you’ll have an eye-catching piece in your look, but you won’t feel like people are constantly staring at you because of your “wild” fashion choice.

This Fashionista has built a look around her amazing red velvet flatform shoes. She did so in a way that draws your attention to her shoes first, but when you look at the rest of the outfit, you’re equally as amazed.

She pairs textures and colors like a pro and mixes all of the must-have trends of the season—faux fur, velvet and platform shoes. Because her red velvet shoes are the focal point, she keeps the rest of her look simple and casual.

She starts off with a simple maroon sweatshirt and a pair of light-wash skinny jeans. Do you notice how the light-wash jeans make the shoes stand out even more? By combining colors with a lot of contrast—the light jeans and dark red shoes—the dark color’s dominance is magnified; it’s because of this color contrasting that the shoes really pop.

Finally, she adds a super cozy faux fur jacket, an essential in Minnesota during the month of February. She pairs it with a simple beige and white scarf and a super cute black beanie to complete the look.

This Fashionista mixed pieces and contrasted colors perfectly. The casual jeans and sweatshirt look is transformed by the addition of a faux fur jacket and stand out shoes (a real red velvet treat for your feet!)

How To: Start with a pair of light-wash denim jeans and a cozy colored sweater as your base. Find some funky platform shoes, preferably in the same color as the sweater.  Add a scarf, and complete the look with a warm faux fur jacket.