Color always acts as a pivotal component in any Fashionista/o’s outfit. Simply adding pops of color adds life and personality to a basic look. Adding pops of one color throughout an outfit is a great attention grabbing technique, but can sometimes be tricky. Starting with a neutral base is the easiest building block for any outfit.

This Fashionisto did just that by pairing a black pair of Levi jeans with a basic beige button-down from Forever 21. This is the perfect base as essentially any color would mesh well with these neutrals, while still managing to stand out. What better color to choose than the ever-classic red? This Fashionisto managed to incorporate the same red throughout his entire outfit dragging your eye from head to toe.

Starting at the top is a basic baseball cap that is the perfect accessory to liven up your basics. Your attention is then drawn down to the red jacket which is ideal for those colder summer days and nights. Sometimes it is the little things that count most and that is exactly what this Fashionisto accomplished in accessorizing his outfit with bright red socks. To complete this look, he wore slip-on checkered Vans to tie together the neutral base with the bright red.

How To: Begin with a neutral base and build off that. This makes adding color much easier and less overwhelming to the eye when all is said and done. Choose a color that you have multiple articles of clothing in, and make sure it represents you. Most important of all be confident! Pops of color are always going to grab attention, so you might as well be confident while you’re rocking it.