ALL IN THE DETAILS: Reckless and Distressed

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Reckless and Distressed

Distressed denim has been very trendy for a while now. The worn and torn look is definitely a fashion staple, but you can always expand on it. The distressed look can make almost any outfit look relaxed and effortless. This Fashionisto doesn’t just stop with distressed denim, he even branches out to to his accessories by wearing a distressed hat. Having two distressed items makes the outfit look rugged but it is put together very well.

The color of the hat complements the predominantly black outfit and ties together the neutral colors in the oversized T-shirt. The worn look of the shoes also adds to the distressed theme of the outfit. From head-to-toe, every piece of the outfit meshes well and is very unique.

Like this Fashionisto, you too can distress your own clothes and accessories. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials that can help you explore your creative side, unleash your inner designer and express your individuality. The best thing about distressing your own apparel is that you have your very own one of a kind item. It is a great way to showcase your personality and add your own edge to your outfit. It’s a great feeling knowing that you have something exclusive to you that no one else will have. There may be similar items but it won’t be duplicated.

Don’t just stop with distressed denim. Distressed accessories can definitely add flare to an outfit. This look is overall very eye-catching and makes for a great look.