ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rebirth of Vintage Rivalries

Being a photographer is not always easy, especially for someone who is always on the move. Although a photographer is always behind the camera and not the center of attention, they still must look presentable for any shoot. A photographer must dress to blend in, but they can still mix a bit of their own style. Hence the goal is to still remain causal and comfortable while artistically capturing and evoking a mood or feeling through their photos.

I found this photographer in New York City and was instantly drawn to his causal street style that had a bit of a vintage feel. I like how this Fashionisto mixed a simple outfit with some vintage accessories to make it his own style. He paired a pair of Nudie jeans with a blue stretch cotton fleece sweatshirt for a collaboration collection between Kayne West and A.P.C. As I further researched Nudie jeans, I found out that the jeans are expensive due to the fact that they’re made of an untreated denim (dry selvage), and are a concept jean. You can wear the jeans for six-eight months without washing them because they have already been treated. They’re a pair of distress-it-yourself denim, and the final product looks way better than store-bought distressed jean. Since Nudies conform to your particular body so the creases fall into the right places.

The Fashionisto also wears a deep blue coat that isn’t too heavy due to the fact he’s always running around from photo shoot to photo shoot. It’s lightweight but still keeps warm due to the chilly winter. Instead of wearing a simple beanie, he chose to wear a vintage baseball cap from Ebbets Field Fannels. The hat is the San Francisco Missions 1937 Ballcap. I also like how the Fashionisto wears a gold chain to add a bit of style to his outfit. He’s adding a touch of gold to make the detailing of his outfit standout.

His shoes caught my attention the most. I feel the sneakers are the focal point of the outfit because there vintage adidas sneakers. Adidas sneakers are coming back into the fashion world, and many love them because of the simplistic comfort they provide. This Fashionisto completed his outfit with a pair of Stan Smith adidas sneakers. The sneakers were originally created in 1973 for tennis star Stan Smith. This shoe is a featured iconic low top sneaker. More clean and sleek than ever before, the adidas Stan Smith offers simplicity that can’t be replicated.

How To: You must invest in a pair of adidas sneakers. Consider a neutral shoe that will make any outfit look put together and stylish. Pair them with vintage accessories (hats, jewelry, belts, etc.) and you’ll be ready for any event that comes your way.