ALL IN THE DETAILS: Real Men Wear Pink

Pink is often considered a bold color that is often associated with femininity. People, even women, often shy away from wearing it. It is understandable that neutrals, such as black and white, are easier to wear because they are basic colors. If you want to be bold, why not just go for an extreme? The truth of the matter is that pink is just like any other color. It is important to pay attention to how you paired it with other colors and how you’ve worn that pink article of clothing relative to the other pieces in your outfit. Wearing pink and red together is a standard fashion no-no, but if you know how to work it, you can do what you want.

As you can see from this Fashionisto, everyone can wear this color. He is wearing a burgundy lace-ups, bold patterned socks, camo pants and a blue button-up underneath his solid pink crewneck. The pink does not distracted you from the rest of his outfit or even from his masculinity in any way, shape or form. There are many shades of pink, from light to dark, and many forms of pink-colored prints available. You even have the option of wearing pink accessories instead of entire articles of clothing if you so choose.

The ability to wearing pink confidently is about how you present yourself while wearing it. Your style should not be restricted by the standard conventions and opinions of society.

How To: Pink is like any other color and is not to be feared. Just own it when you wear it.