ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ready In Rain Boots

As the snow finally begins to melt and the sun comes out to shine, we no longer have to worry about the next crazy winter snowstorm. However, as we head into spring, there is one type of weather that is inevitable—rain. Even today, as we approach mid-March, we have experienced nonstop rainfall all day long.

While this weather does make it a bit of a pain to get to class, at least we are no longer experiencing below freezing temperatures. With that being said, because of this almost predictable weather, it is important to invest in one essential when it comes to the transition into springtime, and that is a pair of rain boots. No matter where you have to be or how you have to get there, a pair of rain boots will always come in handy.

I caught this Fashionista on her way to class hustling through the rain, however she seemed to be unfazed by all the rainfall because she came prepared. Starting with a cute cropped T-shirt and a classic pair of jeans as her base, she paired together a few extra pieces that are essential for this type of weather. She added a baseball hat to keep her head dry, a cute printed jacket to block the rain off her body and my personal favorite, a pair of adorable ankle rain boots to guard her feet. With this look she is completely ready to face the rain, while still looking as cute as ever!

How To: Invest in a pair of classic rain boots in a neutral color like this Fashionista’s pair in navy! That way when rainy weather strikes, you can simply throw on your boots and have them add to your already stylish outfit without having to worry about them clashing.