Though at first glance, this Fashionisto’s outfit looks like a great basic wardrobe for college, the thing that I noticed most were his jeans (of course). Now, some of you may be thinking, “How are his jeans what you noticed when he has such great hair, a crazy good beard and a face like a model?!” I know, ladies, I know—but his jeans, those are what’s worth writing about.

Now, these jeans aren’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill jeans. They’re raw denim. What that means is that is has a natural end, which is why it’s called selvage denim. The seams can’t fray, which makes the denim a lot more durable. Most pairs are unwashed (non-sanforized) after being dyed, making it denim in its purest form. However, some pairs—like the pair being worn on this Fashionisto—are sanforized (or soaked before being sold), which makes the denim shrink less after the first wash/soak by the owner. What’s interesting about raw denim is that they aren’t meant to be washed often at all, causing each pair to be individual in the natural fades they get from wear—the less water they come into contact with, the better the indigo can fade naturally. Not much bacteria can survive on denim, which is why these don’t need to be washed often (now I’m wondering if we all are probably washing our denim too often).

The notable characteristic is about these jeans are the rigidness of them, as well as the industrial design and sturdy construction. When they’re listed online to be bought, the weight of the denim is included, as this is an important factor about them (this Fashionisto’s pair was 14.5 oz). As you can see in the detail shots, the jeans look like a pair of excellently worn, and not necessarily recognizable as raw. However, the “honeycombs” on the back of the knees are an enviable characteristic to those that are a part of the raw denim community. It takes about a year to get to this point, and like a pair of new Dr. Martens, they take a while to get worn in and comfortable. The result, however, is a pair of jeans that is worn to the exact bend of the owner’s legs—making them possibly the most comfortable pair of jeans, comparable to a second skin.

How To: With men’s fashion, you can pretty much wear the same items all year round (they don’t have the opportunity we do to wear flowy dresses and barely-there shirts and shorts in the summer) so a pair of raw denim is a good investment for the denim-loving Fashionisto. Denim is a staple for any wardrobe, and raw denim can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and season, as well as worn by both men and women.