ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ravishing In Red

Typically, by the time February is in full force, I’m more than ready for the piles of snow to melt and the temperature to finally rise above freezing. I often find myself struggling to create new and exciting outfits that are capable of combatting the frigid weather. Everywhere I turn on campus, I find the student body feels the same way as they’re dressed in dark colors and far from thrilling neutrals. That’s exactly why this Fashionista is a breath of fresh air. She elevated her look by adding pops of bold red. As a result of this eye-catching hue, this Fashionista stands out amongst the sea of oversized black parkas.

While it’s true that including a pop of color in your ensemble is not exactly an innovative concept, I rarely, if ever, see students on campus avidly rocking multiple bright red accessories. This adventurous statement is perfect for the daring Fashionista who wishes to be seen rather than fit in this winter. With it being February, and Valentine’s Day just days away, a pop of red can also be a festive choice. The color can convey feelings of love, passion, sexuality, desire and romance—all emotions that perfectly tie into this romantic month. This look is great to rock in your daily life for class, but also specifically on Valentine’s Day. You can even dress up your look for dinner with your beau with gorgeous red chandelier earrings, strappy heels or even a dress.

What is great about incorporating this detail into your personal style is that you have ample freedom. You can choose to add red beauty items, like your go-to bright lipstick or sleek nail color. You also have the ability to wear the detail in tops, skirts and daring coats. Besides lipstick and wardrobe basics, there are a plethora of accessories that can be your pops of red. The choice truly is up to you!

How To: This detail is relatively simple to incorporate into your own wardrobe. I suggest adding the pop of red into three areas of your ensemble, similar to the way this Fashionista did. She chose red lipstick, a red top and a plaid scarf with the hue incorporated into the pattern. You can also get creative by opting for other red accessories that suit your personality. A pair of chic red slip-ons, a cozy beanie or a fashion-forward quilted cross-body bag are wonderful options. If you find that true, cherry red is too bold of a statement for you, you can select a more muted hue, like marsala—Pantone’s color of the year. For the rest of your outfit, stick to neutral hues to maintain a grounded look.