January 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

For those of us who live on the East Coast, this winter so far has felt a lot more like early spring than winter. Forget a white Christmas–we were stuck with a warm, rainy Christmas. Ski resorts are closed, and wet, muddy grass takes the place of beautiful fluffy snow. Although the gloomy weather may have us wishing to curl up inside in our sweats, that will only make our moods match the gray skies outside. Perfecting a dreary-day outfit can be an instant mood-booster by adding some elements of color and fun into the day.

This Fashionista embraces the cloudy day by adding pops of print and sweet accessories to her feminine outfit. She strays from the sweatpants and hoodie rainy day ensemble by pairing a casual skirt with black ankle boots and a printed, cropped turtleneck. The print on the turtleneck adds an element of surprise underneath her black peacoat, and keeps the outfit from being all-black. Although all-black outfits are chic, adding some color and pattern to an outfit such as this could act as a bit of sunshine on a cloudy day. If you do not own a rain jacket, peacoats are a warm and cozy alternative (although be sure you have another way of keeping dry in case of a downpour!) She also adds some interesting eye candy by pairing a minimalistic watch with a few colorful rings. Perhaps the coolest element of this ensemble is the Fashionista’s bright, floral-printed umbrella. A cute umbrella is not only functional and protective, but it adds yet another eye-catching pop to any look.

How To: The details of a rainy day outfit can instantly change the way you embrace the weather! Add pops of print, and do not be afraid to wear some colorful jewelry. Most importantly, invest in a cute umbrella (in your favorite color or pattern) in order to keep dry and turn heads!