ALL IN THE DETAILS: Quirky Accessories

March 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

New Yorkers have somewhat of a uniform. We wear long-line coats, pointy boots, and most of our clothing items are black. We like to look sharp, and tourists are almost always intimidated by us. However, sometimes we forget that fashion is supposed to be fun. I think college students especially try to look older than they are because we are constantly told to “dress professionally.” We do this in order to land jobs and internships, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be casual every now and then. The easiest (and most fun) way to add spunk to any outfit is by pairing unexpected pieces and adding unique accessories.

This Fashionista layered an olive, quilted bomber jacket over a white lace-up top. They are both super trendy items we’ve been seeing a lot of lately but never like this before. She wore a ruffled black skirt over black tights to stay warm and laced up some white Converse to tie everything together. However, what really caught my eye were her quirky accessories.

Her round rimmed sunglasses, which reminded me of big bug eyes, add so much character to this outfit. Another unexpected twist was her lace trim socks, which added another vintage vibe to this ensemble. I remember sporting these bad boys in the 5th grade with some patent Mary-Jane shoes, but obviously these aren’t just for kids anymore.

I love that this Fashionista was daring and played around with her clothing choices. At first glance, one may overlook this outfit. However, another inspection with a closer eye will reveal the eccentric details that bring this Fashionista’s look to life.

How To: Afraid to try quirky accessories? Try wearing one unique accessory at first and then wear as many as you’d like. Sometimes it’s best to step out of our comfort zone in order to discover new interests.