ALL IN THE DETAILS: Put Some Rings On It

Have you ever felt like you’ve got a great outfit, but there is just something missing? Maybe you need something to pair with an outfit for a night out or you just need a little something extra to wear while you run errands or go to class? Whatever the occasion, one of the easiest ways to add a statement to an outfit is (you guessed it!) by adding rings.

I was lucky enough to run into a fab Fashionista whose love for rings is second to none. Anna is a junior human services major at Nazareth College. She loves fashion because it allows her to create a story through the outfit she puts together.

Rings are the perfect addition to any outfit. They are easy to wear and instantly pull a look together. One of the best things about rings is that there is literally a style that every type of Fashionista will love. Whether it is a spoonstatement or set of stackable rings, there is a ring out there for everyone. This Fashionista wore a total of five rings, including small stackable rings in a mixture of gold and silver, and even a colored stone. When looking for rings to wear, always make sure they are the right size, meaning that you can take the piece on and off without any issues. There is nothing worse than not being able to take a ring off (believe me). Also make sure that the focal point of the ring is something that you love because purchasing something you won’t incorporate into your daily life isn’t worth it!

Anna completed her outfit with a pair of army green pants, a simple black top paired with an oversized zip cardigan and a pair of chic ankle boots. She also added an assortment of beaded bracelets to complement her earthy vibe for the day.

How To: You can find rings literally anywhere! Don’t be afraid to wear a mixture of gold and silver metals. An easy way to wear multiple rings on one hand is to place them on every other finger. However, there aren’t any rules to how you layer your rings so do whatever is comfortable!