Beyoncé said it right, “if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.” This Fashionista is taking Beyoncé’s advice to the next level, adorning her fingers with rad rings that stand to upgrade and add to her look. Upon closer look, each ring is fundamentally unique, adding a layer of polish and grace to the ensemble.

This Fashionista is adding spunk to her look through her rings.  The two simple silver rings are perfect for everyday wear, while the big blue stoned rings are dazzling and eye catching for special occasions. Mixing and matching rings of different sizes, shapes and colors can add depth and personality to any look.

Aside from the ravishing rings, this look is an overall hit. The white romper is beautifully embroidered with a red and white Aztec-like design. The romper is outfitted with tassels that add some flare to the look. Trendy beaded bracelets line her wrist, perfect for being out and about in the summertime. Her Birkenstock sandals are comfortable and cute and are highlighted by a dainty ankle bracelet. Lastly, the reflective aviators are stylish and protective against the strong summer rays.

How To: Accessories can really make or break your look. Jazz up your fingers with some vibrant rings, don’t go over the top though! Wear three to six rings at a time, mixing in simpler rings with more statement piece rings. Add in some cool bracelets,earrings, and a simple necklace to put your look over the edge!