ALL IN THE DETAILS: Put a Little Prep in Your Step

June 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Whether you’re a fellow Fashionisto looking to amp up your style this summer, or a Fashionista hoping to spice up her boyfriend’s wardrobe, remember that sometimes the most simple things can make for the most classic outfit. One of my favorite trends I see (practically on a daily basis) is the classic “prepster” look, that seems to be exhibited all over campuses.

From head to toe, this Fashionisto looks perfectly polished, and is rocking an outfit that I find to be extremely versatile. Something I love about this look is how it can go from one event to another, such as a casual brunch with family to a date night out at a local restaurant on campus. The shorts bring the look down to a more causal level while the button-up collared shirt adds the perfect amount of pristine.

Personally, my favorite part of this look is the watch. I believe that adding an accessory can really change the entire outfit and immediately make it that much more fashion forward. The watch adds a very nice aesthetic appeal to the outfit without being too over the top or showy. I also love the dark color of it and its silver details.

How To: Pair your favorite plaid shirt with simple shorts to make this outfit perfect for summer. Add a watch as an accessory (and because let’s be honest, a watch definitely classes up any look). Perfect this head to toe look by adding a pair of boat shoes. Girls, you can wear this look, too! Simply pair your favorite button-down with a pair of chinos, add a bracelet or women’s watch and you’re on your way to a perfectly preppy look!