As children of the ‘90s, nostalgia is almost a given. So many endearing things are rooted in the decade: the Spice Girls, tube tops, Disney Channel Original Movies. Another great thing birthed in the ‘90s, other than us of course, was the Riot grrrl movement. An underground feminist movement intertwined with the punk-rock music scene of the ‘90s, Riot grrrl sought to create a community that was inclusive to females within the world of punk-rock and beyond. Riot grrrl was never a specific organization or group, but instead thrived on its individual chapters of young women connecting through music and sparking conversations all over the world. The Riot grrrl is someone who makes the most of her voice and her impact on the world around her. And really, what better way to make a statement than with one’s personal style?

I was drawn to this Fashionista’s patch adorned ensemble from afar, but when I got close enough to spot the “RIOT GRRRL” patch on her back, I knew she was someone who wasn’t afraid to make a statement through her style. With a clear punk influenced vibe, this Fashionista’s outfit is one that demands attention at first glance.

Patches are a girl’s best friend when it comes to this look. While collecting them might be half the fun, curating a gallery of wearable art is a sure way to build a statement piece. This Fashionista successfully rocks the current denim on denim trend by pairing her patch adorned denim vest with shorts of a different denim hue. The patchwork art continues onto her military-inspired backpack, which is both practical and stylish. This Fashionista pairs her punchy pieces with an equally striking pair of forest green Dr. Martens and a bold graphic T-shirt.

Get a similar look by gathering patches that inspire you and decorating a classic denim vest. If you’re too anxious to rock a punk-inspired look to wait, this backpack will add an immediate flare to any ensemble.

How To: The real secret to working a Riot grrrl-inspired punk look is confidence! Whether you’re rocking leather, leopard or studs, remember to wear it boldly and unapologetically. It’s less about what you wear than how you wear it.