ALL IN THE DETAILS: Punk Provocateur

Seasons are changing, leaving us confused about the weather and our outfit choices. When it comes to personal style and considering yourself as part of a tribe of people, dressing is something of a lifestyle. Something that follows colder weather is angst and let me tell you, this Fashionista has plenty of personality to fill her over-distressed denim jacket. In my opinion, not many style tribes have more style than the punk rock tribe.

Punk rock style is the definition of individuality and personality through fashion. The choice of what is put on one’s body, through the eyes of a punk, may look effortless but every detail is important and meticulous. Embellished leather, distressed denim and chunky black boots are three staples dominated by the punk rock scene.

This Fashionista is a New Yorker—born and raised. Seeing that the punk revolution had a huge level of importance in New York City, it’s only natural that this super edgy style almost runs through her blood. Although she has been living in Los Angeles for the past two years, she never fails to let her unique style shine through.

This Fashionista is sporting some intensely distressed denim, that happen to be one of her absolute favorites. Having such distressed jeans are a benefit in this semi fall weather because they can almost double as shorts! Pairing these extreme jeans with a plain white v-neck makes it easy to layer on an awesome piece of outerwear. This denim jacket SCREAMS unique, with a yellow tinge and screen printed photography on the back. Aside from being bold statement piece, it also has a playful saying on the back that attracted quite a bit of attention. Another attention grabber would have to be her awesome chunky leather boots that really have a personality of their own. Lastly, to top this look off, this Fashionista is rocking multiple gold and stone rings that each embody personal attitude.

If there’s anything I can say about fall fashion, I would always recommend embodying personal style and individuality. Fall can often be overlooked as boring with basic layering, when in reality, fall can be the most versatile and personalized season!