ALL IN THE DETAILS: Prints on Prints on Prints

It’s summer.  And what is the most important piece of clothing in a Fashionista’s closet during summer?  Her dresses.  Bright colors are always great and of course everyone has their floral prints as well.  Although stylists are getting more and more creative with these staples, a girl wants more!  I set a goal at the beginning of my blogging with CollegeFashionista that I would experiment with fashion and get out of my comfort zone. This is a call to action: we need to mix up the prints and play with our styling.  I spotted this Fashionista on her way to work because, as you can see, this print literally makes you stop and admire.  This Fashionista set the perfect standard of experimenting with prints and pushing boundaries.  It’s in the details; don’t throw on just any summer dress anymore! Get creative, like our Fashionista!

The coral color of her dress is bright and reflects beautifully off of the black and white print. While the print is amazing, the dress is pulled together by the collar.  The outline of black and white stands out and makes the dress more edgy and interesting.  Then, like all good Fashionista/os do, she accessorized it with sunglasses, cute black sandals, and a travel tote.  It is best with a stand-out dress like this to keep the accessories simple and elegant.  Bravo!

How To:  Look out for the bright colors when you go shopping, more than just the block colors. Try on some designs that may be outside of your comfort zone, you may fall in love. Allow yourself to stand out, Fashionista/os!