ALL IN THE DETAILS: Printed Tights

When there is an immense amount of snowfall no one wants get out of bed, let alone get dressed up. It is easy to lose all motivation and stay in oversized sweatpants all day long. Putting on a cute outfit gives us the motivation and confidence to take on the world. Nothing says winter like sweater dresses and tights. This combination is the perfect way to stay warm yet fashionable.

This Fashionista is rocking printed tights, which are a big style trend for the cold months. Since we must cover up to stay warm, why not add a little extra fun to the look? She is rocking a printed sweater dress for a flirty look. These tights are so cute and perfect to wear for any occasion. The polka-dot pattern on them adds a perfect touch! Printed tights are an easy and fun accessory to any outfit.

With the tights this Fashionista added a pop of red velvet booties and a peacoat. There are so many other options when wearing these tights, but this Fashionista showcases a perfect, simple example. Most tights can be tricky, but these are just subtle enough to pair with almost anything and any pattern.

How To: Have a patterned dress and don’t know what to pair with it? Go out of your comfort zone and take a fun dress or skirt and pair it with printed tights. Add boots and a scarf for a finishing touch. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and textures!