Some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing are done in prints. Prints are a great way to add some zest to an outfit. But, a print can make or break an outfit. If it is too wild of a print, it can be distracting and actually take away from the outfit as a whole. Basically, a print needs to complement what you are wearing, not take over everything.

This Fashionista found a way to do a bold print perfectly. She went with an eye-catching print in light blues and purples. The skirt almost reminds me of a quilt, but in an absolutely great way! The key here is that she made the skirt the feature item of this outfit. The plain white henley top and adorable necklace complimented the skirt without it looking too busy. She went with a simple sandal, making the outfit have a cool summer vibe to it. The maxi style skirt is also ideal for those June gloom days we’ve been seeing occasionally. If the skirt had been a plain color, the outfit would have come off as too simple and even a bit boring. Putting a pop of colorful print is an excellent way to make an outfit stand out!

How To: If print scares you, try a neutral one at first with a great pattern whether it be a top or a skirt. If print does not scare you, go with a bright one! Just remember to keep everything else simple and let the print speak for itself!