ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pretty Patterns

The easiest thing to do in summer is have one article of clothing that makes up your entire outfit. Throwing on a dress in the rush of the morning gives people the illusion that you spent a lot of time getting ready.

In this look, this week’s Fashionista has a dress with a bold pattern and cut. The top of the dress is pretty simple with a V-neck and straps on the thicker side with a little knot at the base. As the dress starts flowing down it gets a little bit wild, a good wild. The already crazy pattern is going in different directions because of the asymmetric cut of the bottom half of the dress. This shark bite hem effect of the bottom makes the dress seem longer and gives it a totally different look, compared to if it was hemmed straight across. Since this pattern is fabulous on it’s own, there is no need for bulky accessories or any at all for that matter. Sometimes, less is more, especially when you go over the top bold with your pattern play.

How To: Some people are afraid to rock a dress, but quite honestly it is one of the easiest things to rock! There are so many different types of dresses out there in so many different patterns; there is something for everyone. You can choose a loose fitting dress like the one this Fashionista is wearing, or opt for something more toned down and simple. Something else that is awesome about a dress is that you can dress it up or completely down. You can pair it with a pair of basic sandals or a great pair of wedges. The thing about dresses is that they can complement anyone’s style if you find what’s right for you!