ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pretty in White

Memorial Day has finally passed and we all know what that means: we can finally pull out all the white clothing that has been hiding in our closets for the last eight months. Now, we can all plan our white summer outfits according to an old tradition. I believe fashion is a form of expression and we should all be able to wear what we want, when we want; conforming to norms is boring and being bold is exciting. This is the perfect time to experiment with your wardrobe and add bold accessories to amp up an outfit. This is what this Fashionista did in her outfit and I love how she added a brown belt along with her brown cross-body bag.

This Fashionista’s outfit is adorable for the summertime. The lace in her dress adds a feminine and fun look. This look is perfect for any summer occasion, such as a lunch date with your best friend or going to a graduation. The brown, braided belt adds texture and makes this outfit more versatile. The cross-body bag goes perfectly with this outfit because it adds the right amount of color to her white ensemble. Since this bag is small, it’s perfect for throwing your essentials into while keeping your bag from becoming cluttered. The final aspect of her outfit that grabbed my attention is her light brown Sperry Top-Siders. I was intrigued by how she kept her shoes, belt and sunglasses within the same color hue.

How To: Interested in incorporating a fun belt to spice up an outfit? Try a bright, solid color like red. The red belt will make the outfit sophisticated and will be perfect for a night out.