ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pretty In Pleats

If you’re anything like me, it might be difficult for you to stay away from those few items in your closet that you always seem to resort back to. After a while, your style might seem to feel repetitive and like nothing you do could revamp your look to what it used to be. But NEWS FLASH: adjusting your staple items is extremely easily and possible by just switching up which accessories you pair with your look; your clothes may be the same, but your details are going to set your new style apart.

Take it from this Fashionista. If you were to see her walking around campus, you and I both know that you would be dying to know how she manages to look so chic. Not to mention, this Fashionista radiates confidence while showing off her end of summer look which keeps her more chic than ever.

The trick with playing with your details is incorporating them into your look without making the outfit too busy. This Fashionista manages to take several small accessories and turn them into some of the focal points of her outfit even though the entire look is a force to be reckoned with.

For starters, this Fashionista pairs an extremely elegant, pleated black midi skirt with a basic white T-shirt; this creates a perfectly clean slate to dress up depending on what vibe you’re feeling that day. The next step is to choose which accessories you think would go with your piece. For this look, the Fashionista chose to tie a thin white bandana around her neck, which is currently one of the biggest trends in the fashion industry. Another major trend right now is the lace-up pointed ballet flats, which is what this Fashionista is also sporting in her look; can you say trendy? For the final few pieces of her look, this Fashionista grabs her round black sunglasses and her baby pink Rebecca Minkoff cross-body. I feel that each of these two accessories are perfectly chosen due to their elegance and ability to add to the look without being overwhelming features.

So for all of you fellow Fashionista/os out there, just remember that you don’t need to change your entire outfit to spruce up your look when you can just change up some of your accessories.