When winter comes around, many of us scurry to stay warm, not thinking about keeping our outfit stylish. However, this can change with a simple layered look and some plaid. A Fashionista can layer with a plaid shirt under a sweater to stay warm. What happens when we put our jacket on over that? One can layer a cool scarf or two like this Fashionista did, creating a stylish look with or without a jacket.

This Fashionista got creative and decided to wear not one but two scarves from J.Crew, staying extra warm. I have never thought to layer two scarves but the way she did makes the outfit look awesome! She also wore a plaid shirt under a dark green J.Crew jacket. The plaid shirt pokes out of her jacket, matching the plaid scarf perfectly. The other gray scarf was styled differently to complement the plaid one.

Getting smart, this Fashionista wore a pair of blue jeans from Hudson along with black Tory Burch boots, allowing her plaid and layering to shine! Fashionistas can get a similar dark blue jeans and a pair of cute black boots as well as a similar plaid shirt and matching scarf.

How To: Have a cute sweatshirt, but feel a little boring wearing it on its own? Take out a cute plaid shirt and wear it underneath, letting the collar peek out of the top of the sweatshirt. When taking off that winter jacket, your outfit will have some dimension. Keep the rest of the outfit simple, allowing your layered tops to catch all the attention!