ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pretty in Plaid

January 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Winter is a very exciting time in a college student’s life. Winter means you are that much closer to winter break which means home, family and the holidays. However, winter does not simply end after Christmas and New Year’s, we still have to endure two more long months of frigid cold and layers upon layers of clothes. One can only endure so much monochromatic denim, leather and fur combos before you’re longing for the pretty pastels and light chiffon of spring. What can a Fashionista/o do to bring some life to their wardrobe in these dreary days? The answer: plaid.

This Fashionista is a great example of how to put some bold, winter color into your wardrobe without trying to adapt to the neon trend that few are brave enough to try. The pattern of her plaid skirt has a vibrant red that immediately catches the eye, while the wool material will be sure to keep her nice and cozy. She keeps it simple on top with a plain black T-shirt and adds another pop of color with a lively scarf. The best part about this classic pattern is that it can be found in any garment imaginable! You can find plaid in things ranging from a bomber jacket to a dress or even a backpack!

How To: Plaid pieces are perfect for layering. Make the pattern the central focus of your outfit by pairing it with neutral colors so it creates more of a pop. For example, if you have a plaid dress or skirt, pair it with some warm black stockings or knee-high socks, a gray coat and a knit hat. It will be an exciting change to your winter wardrobe.