ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pretty in Pink

The world of bloggers has become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, especially with their trendy outfits all over social media and their personal blogs. While it is great to be inspired by these outfits, I had found myself outright copying them in order to look a certain way.

But what’s the fun in re-creating someone else’s personal style? With the constant oversaturation of what’s new and next, it can be hard for a Fashionista/o to develop their own style that is un-swayed by the trend of the week. The real fun comes when you, for lack of a more “adult term”, play “dress up”. This Fashionista has broken the mundane cycle of all white sneakers by opting for a perfect pair of bubble gum pink high-tops. While we are all so very thankful that a simple pair of sneakers is now acceptable gym attire as well as casual attire, that does not mean we must all wear the same pair deemed worthy by the Instagram gods. Be unique with your sneakers, there is an abundance to choose from.

To complete her look, this Fashionista adds denim shorts and a denim jacket layered over top of a black tank top with lace trim.

How To: Search online for one of your favorite trends featured in a unique color or pattern that you like. Don’t buy that top every single friend owns or the shoes of the summer; instead, check out these quirky-cool Andy Warhol Converse All-Stars. Most importantly, find something that is truly you.