ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pretty in Pink

I’m blessed to go to school on a beautiful campus in Bloomington, Indiana, but as all the students here at IU know, the weather isn’t always as beautiful as the view. At the end of August, it was chilly and in the beginning of September it was sweltering. The ever-changing weather at this time of year makes for a lot of weather confused Fashionistas/os, who aren’t sure if they want to make the effort to change out of their comfy pajamas to go to class. This Fashionista breaks the mold and stands out in a crowd of Hoosier sweatshirts and cropped yoga pants.

Weather confusion is no match for this Fashionista. With her hot pink blazer she’s ready to seize the day. She does a fantastic job of wearing a blazer that could be worn in a more formal setting and turns it into the perfect outfit for a long day spent in class. The hot pink blazer is the perfect transition piece from summer into fall. It’s technically a jacket, so it can be worn when it’s a chilly in the morning and then taken off as the temperature rises in the afternoon. She pairs it with a dark wash jeans and pair of gold ballet flats, which keeps the look casual.

My personal favorite part of this outfit is how this Fashionista accessorizes. Her statement necklace is a surefire sign that this Fashionista knows a thing or two about jewelry. I love how she wears a black shirt in order for the necklace to really pop.

How To: Afraid to walk around campus wearing such a bold color? Start small and wear any color blazer, but be sure to add some bling bling with a statement necklace.