ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pretty Baggage

With it being winter, everything can seem pretty dark. The sun goes down earlier and the weather is colder. We turn into hot chocolate sucking vampires and avoid anything light. We try to keep pretty warm with a black sweater which is known to attract the most heat. Without getting out of your warmth zone try adding a nice pop of color on something that you bring everywhere: your bag. Your bag is your best friend. It keeps all of your little secrets stored while helping you look amazing. Adding a bright bag to a dim outfit is a sure way to have you feeling like spring is right around the corner (even though it’s nowhere in sight).

This Fashionista is already ahead of the game with her handbag in mint condition. She has on a black sweater with rolled up sleeves with a nice infinity scarf to match her top. Her handbag is not alone. She adds in pops of the same color on her hands and in her ear which really scatters the mint everywhere. There are different options when it comes to adding a colorful bag to your outfit. You can have it in a solid color, a cool pattern or an interesting texture.

How To: Want to stay as warm as possible but add in a little color? Add it where you can carry it. Pair a dark shirt with a bold bag to bring in some spice to your life. If you want, you can even match your bag with your shoes to make things really interesting!