ALL IN THE DETAILS: Power of the Patterns

January 19th, 2016 at 2:00am
With the cold welcoming us back to campus, dressing for classes and responsibilities during the course of the week needs to be as warm as it is fashionable. But that doesn’t mean your next study group has to be in sweatpants.
No matter the length of the essay due the next day or the presentation that hasn’t been started, an outfit that makes you feel put together and is weather appropriate in a state like Virginia (feels like summer in the winter) doesn’t need to be a hassle. And having fun can brighten some of the most stressful weeks of the year for you.

The key is to pick an outfit that exemplifies comfort and impresses with detail that seems like you’ve spent hours on planning (when in reality, you just love those pants). This Fashionisto opts for the latest trend of fun, mixed patterns on men’s clothing. His outfit is laid back enough for an all nighter, but it’s the patterned pants and sock combo that really make his outfit stand out. This Fashionisto wears a salmon-colored twill shirt (no ironing needed!) under his favorite grey, shawl-collared cardigan, both from J.Crew. The only accessory he needs is a vintage watch, similar to this one from Urban Outfitters. 

Looking closely, you can see his choice of trousers are patterned, like this pair from Nordstrom, an essential detail that ties together the whole look. A trend in men’s clothing, the mixing of patterns has become more flexible and relaxed than ever. A small detail that makes the entire outfit stand out just a bit more are the anchor-patterned socks this Fashionisto is wearing, barely noticeable but just the touch of spunky detail needed to add set this outfit apart. His shoes finish off this perfect finals look, a pair of light-washed oxfords to make the walk to class a little less painful.

How To: Grab a pair of casual trousers with a noticeable pattern that appeals to you. If this pair from Bonobos is a bit too subtle for your taste, try these from Topman. Thrown on your favorite button-down and cardigan, a casual pair of oxfords, and you’re ready to ace that Econ exam or ask out that one person in your study group you can’t stop staring at.